Willis M. Price


Willis M. Price has been praised for his vision and unique approach in choosing the precise moment of time to best capture his inspiring images. After many years as a Master Cameraman working with conventional film, he took an active role in their conversion and transformation into Digital imaging. He’s still finding the knowledge that was gained very useful in his own pursuit and interest in digital photography.

Over the years his images have been used in many California State publications as well as promotional posters. His dedicated to Photography and master of color, composition and perspective has been recognized by many. His work has received numerous awards, including the California State Exposition of Fine Arts prestigious Jurors Award for best of show in photography.  Willis Price is a long time member of the Sierrra Camera Club which he frequently serves in the capacity of a Judge.

The Far East

Photos from my trip to China showcasing the beauty and wonder of its landscapes and people.

The Southwest

Timeless Southwestern locations including Slot Canyon Utah, Dessert Valley Dunes, and Bodie California.

Natural Wonders

Experience the beauty and wonders that exists everywhere if we only take the time to stop and look.

Creatively Enhanced

Inspiration comes in many forms, from the addition of found objects, traditional means, and digital filters.

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